Masonry and Foundation Services Offered in Ottawa

Whether you are dealing with foundation laying, waterproofing, repairs, or you are dealing with crack injection, masonry repairs or restorations, you are bound to require the services of masonry and/or foundation contractors. Luckily, there are various companies that are in the business of offering exceptional foundation repairs and other masonry services. These experts are renowned for their quick response time and great customer service.

Masonry and Foundation Services in Ottawa
If you are an Ottawa resident and need professional foundation or masonry services, you will find companies that are able to help. These companies have professional mason workers who will arrive at the work-site on time and ensure that the site remains clean when they leave. Whether you are in need of foundation waterproofing or are looking for experts in the installation of weeping tiles in Ottawa, these companies can help. They offer:

1. Foundation Waterproofing
If you are dealing with the menace of water buildup in your basement or you are repairing the cracks in your foundation, you can trust the foundation waterproofing experts to help. These teams of foundation contractors can provide a wide range of waterproofing services. Furthermore, they are well-equipped to handle every aspect of foundation replacements.

2. Basement Waterproofing
These teams are also comprised of foundation contractors who are qualified to provide topnotch basement waterproofing services. This may involve the installation of a platon membrane. Ideally, the platon membrane features air gap technology, which provides the air right behind the membrane to relieve the soil pressure and eliminate humidity on the foundation walls. Once it is installed, the membrane is able to stop water from entering the home by directing it to the weeping tiles

3. Weeping Tile Installation
If you need help with the installation of weeping tiles in Ottawa, these experts can also help with this. Weeping tiles, also referred to as drainage tiles, are known to help push all the water that may have collected around the foundation’s footing to another source like a sump pump or a storm connection. Besides providing reliable installation, these experts can also check the existing weeping tiles to ensure proper drainage.

4. Masonry Repairs and Restoration
Stones and bricks are strong kinds of materials that can last several decades without any need for restoration. Unfortunately, bad weather has the ability to degrade their surfaces, as well as the solidity of a structure. However, even with this, comprehensive repairs are sufficient when it comes to the restoration of your masonry work. Note that the repair work on any masonry structure is largely dependent on the nature of the work, as well as the level of the damage. Some of the types of masonry repairs that can be handled by these experts include mortar joint re-pointing, re-facing, veneer masonry, as well as solid or dry set masonry.

These experts can also provide you with the best crack injection, grout pumping, humidex installation, as well as vacuum excavation, among other things. These companies have an expertise that is comprised of professional mason workers that are always keen on providing timely professional work. So, whether you are in need of expert foundation waterproofing or need help in matters concerning the installation of weeping tiles in Ottawa, these companies can help.

If the foundation is faulty – Make sure it’s repaired immediately

In many cases, the basement foundation is not sturdy, you notice leaks in your basement, or you notice dips in the floor or the ground outside. Sure, it might not seem like a big deal. But those leaks and other issues can become a major headache if they are not dealt with and repaired as soon as they are spotted. A home’s foundation is going to make or break the property – literally. The foundation is where the home lies. If it is faulty, if there is damage, or if it is not sturdy, how can you expect a home which weighs several tons (plus the weight of family, furniture, appliances, etc) to be held on the ground safely? The answer is you can’t. So, at the first sight of damage, even if it seems to be a minor concern, hire a technician to visit the home and take a look.

When basement foundation repair is required, make sure you hire a foundation specialist. Hire a company which deals with basement foundation repair jobs on a daily basis. They are knowledgeable. They know how to spot the issues. They are going to know where to look, how to spot shallow ground, water damage, storm damage, and so forth. Furthermore, if there is nothing to worry about, they are honest, and are going to inform you of this, as well. When it comes to basement flooding, one solution for many homeowners, expecially if the leak is from an external source outside the home, would be weeping tiles in Ottawa. This system can provide proper backyard drainage to draw water away from wherever it might be entering your basement. So, if a leaky or flooded basement is the problem, make sure to hire someone who’s familiar with weeping tiles in Ottawa to perform the work. A general contractor might not be, or might not have as much experience in doing foundation work or work related to basement flooding. This can cause a great deal of stress on the home, and over time, further issues with the home’s foundation, as well.

When choosing a specialist, what do you look for?
1. The reputation. An honest company, one which has been doing foundation repairs for years, one that is well known, and has a solid standing in the community.
2. A company that does residential work. It is a home, so you want them to know how to do work in the home, not just on commercial land.
3. Their methods. Are they familiar with new testing? Do they have proper equipment? Do they know how to spot issues/damage?
4. Their guarantees. If none are offered, do you really want to hire them to do the repair work? Probably not.
5. Their cost. Consider the price for labour, repairs, new materials, etc. No, it is not the most important factor, but an honest company will provide you with a full written quote, as well as a price guarantee.

No two companies are going to do repair work in the same fashion, nor will two technicians have the same degree of experience or precision when it comes to foundation repair. For these reasons, as a homeowner, it is in your best interests to compare a few companies prior to hiring one. Doing this allows you to compare their assessment, their knowledge, as well as pricing. In turn, you will end up hiring a reputable and honest company, as well as one which truly knows what they are doing when dealing with issues or damage to your home’s basement and foundation.