The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation in Vancouver

Your house may be insulated with fiberglass or any other material, but this does not necessarily mean that it is completely air sealed. There are many holes, cracks and gaps around the electric lines and plumbing outlets. Actually, if you were to add all of those deficiencies together, they would be equal to an open door, allowing for the air from outside to get into your home. Using spray foam insulation to fill those gaps can in fact save you a lot of money on your energy bills, while ensuring that your heating and cooling system gets a well-deserved break. Read on to learn the benefits of a spray vapour barrier in Vancouver.

Keeps Pests Off

Pests and rodents like to invade homes, which can make it uncomfortable for the occupants. Pests and rodents should be outside where they are supposed to be to allow you to enjoy a pest-free home. Spray foam insulation has no ingredient that will appeal to insects or rodents, meaning they will not try to chew through it. It forms a spray vapour barrier in Vancouver for keeping unwanted pests and rodents outside.

Smoke and Fire Barrier

This insulation has a spray vapour barrier in Vancouver that blocks fire. Actually, the insulation has a type of foam that slows down the speed at which flames spread from one part of your home to another. This is achieved by blocking oxygen from getting into the flames. Usually, the gaps found around electrical wires and plumbing outlets are like a freeway that lets oxygen get from one place to another. Spray foam blocks these areas, leaving the flames with no air for them to keep burning.

Reduction in Humidity

This is an important benefit, as it helps to keep mould off. Moisture is required for the growth of mould. The gaps and cracks around the home allow for certain levels of humidity into the home. This causes condensation and sometimes you may even see frost forming on the windows. As the warm, moist air begins to rise in your house, the moisture can reach the ceiling and attic,
which might lead to the growth of mould that you may not even be aware of. Mould can cause rotting of wood and can bring a lot of damage to your home. It may even cause health issues for any family member who suffers from allergies.

Noise Level Reduction

Another benefit of spray foam insulation is that it helps to reduce noise levels in a home. Sound is able to move freely through and around the gaps and cracks between the walls and even around windows and doors. When these gaps are sealed off with spray foam, you will greatly reduce the noise levels in your home, which helps you create a more comfortable living environment.


Spray foam insulation comes with many benefits for homeowners. However, you must have the insulation applied correctly to enjoy the benefits discussed above. Hire a professional for the job and start enjoying reduced energy bills, reduced humidity and a quiet, comfortable environment.


What You Need to Know About Insulation and Fireproofing in Vancouver

Fireproofing can be defined as a passive fire protection measure that involves making materials and structures more resistant to fire. There are various companies that handle fireproofing in Vancouver. Such companies make use of a certified fireproofing system that they apply to specific types of structures. As a result, these structures are given a fire-resistance rating. However, bear in mind the fact that just because something is fireproof does not necessarily mean that it cannot burn. In this article, you will learn some vital details about how fireproofing companies operate and what they can do for you.

Fireproofing companies provide their services to a wide variety of customers and clients. Some of these clients may include commercial construction companies, residential clients, industrial businesses and warehouses, just to name a few. They can also handle many different projects, including underground and above-ground mining operations, concrete walls inside tunnels, and fireproofing for municipal buildings, among other things.

These types of companies handle many different types of operations in widely varying conditions. For example, they deal with pipe bridges and vessel skirts in chemical plants and oil refineries. Also, they work with electrical circuits to ensure that they stay below temperatures that might be dangerous. Similarly, ships are often made fire-resistant, as are aircrafts and other vehicles. These are just a few of the applications provided by companies involved in the field of fireproofing in Vancouver.

A fire can damage or completely destroy a structure very quickly. But, by knowing what fireproofing is all about and how it can protect structures, you can prevent your home from going up in flames. You can effectively fireproof your home and business by opting to hire experienced fireproofing companies.

The extent of the fire protection work will have a lot to do with the structure in question. For example, a single-storey home would be easier to fireproof than would be a large-sized commercial space. These specialists know exactly how to properly fireproof a structure and they are fully aware that just about any structure can be fireproofed.

With that said, you should also make sure to hire a reputable and experienced company if you want to carry out the installation of parkade insulation in Vancouver. And, with a number of companies that are likely available in your area, you ought to consider a few very important factors.

One of the most important factors to consider is experience. Be sure to choose a company that has been handling similar projects for a number of years. Ideally, you must hire a contractor who has been dealing with this type of work for over a decade. Not only do experienced contractors have better knowledge and expertise to do a great job, but they also utilize the most recommended techniques and strategies to achieve the desired outcome.

Finally, you must ensure that the company you choose for parkade insulation in Vancouver is reputable. The best way to check the reputation of your prospective company is by speaking with the past clients of the company. Make sure to ask them numerous important questions in order to assess the quality of service offered by the company you are considering.