Buying Guide: Kitchen Cabinets & Bathroom Vanities in Maple Ridge

Selecting new kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities in Maple Ridge can be a significant expense when undertaking a remodeling project. Thankfully, you can use them artistically to set a unique design style for your kitchen and bathroom and enjoy them for many years. Below is a helpful buying guide that essentially makes it easier for you to choose suitable cabinets and vanities.

Kitchen Cabinets: Pick Your Preferred Style

You have the option of choosing between framed and frameless. The framed cabinets are made of a face frame and box to which drawers and doors attach. The framed cabinets (European-style), on the other hand, do not have a face frame while the drawers and doors are directly attached to the box. These cabinets generally have a more contemporary look and provide easier interior access. Even so, the lack of the face frame could compromise rigidity. To improve the structure, manufacturers use a thicker box. If you prefer the European appearance and desire the framed cabinets, you might want to consider the option of a full overlay door, which covers most or all of the cabinet face frame.

Kitchen Cabinets: Focus On the Features of the Cabinets

While features can increase the cost by as much as 20%, useful features such as a built-in charging docks and pull-out trashcans will always come in handy. A lift type of kitchen cabinet that incorporates a spring-loaded shelf, which is capable of swinging up and out will offer you easier access to the food processor or mixer.

Inspect the Construction of the Kitchen Cabinets

A well-built kitchen cabinet should ideally have solid wooden drawers with dovetail joinery. You should avoid the stapled particleboard. In addition, you should opt for full extension drawer guides, as opposed to an integrated rail system.

 Bathroom Vanities in Maple Ridge

Bathroom vanities are available in two popular styles, including the built-in and freestanding vanities. The latter is superb for smaller bathroom spaces and you have a variety of styles to choose from. The built-in bathroom vanities, on the other hand, work well with larger spaces, typically offering homeowners more storage and countertop space.

Explore the Numerous Options of Bathroom Vanities in Maple Ridge

The vanity is an important component, as it helps to define your space. If you have a more traditional home, you may opt for a modern look. Consider these options prior to making a purchase decision.


Read the description of the bathroom vanities in Maple Ridge. Check out the ones you’re interested in buying. Some already incorporate the drawer and door hardware.

Colour & Finish

Vanities can be constructed using metal, wood, or glass and are typically presented in black, white, espresso or mid-tone brown finishes. A wooden cabinet with your preferred colour choice would work perfectly for you if you feel more adventurous.


Are you purchasing a vanity for a powder room or the master bathroom? Do you need a vanity for your kids’ bathroom or a guest room? It is important that you critically think about your specific needs. If the bathroom is used on a daily basis, then you will definitely require ample space.

Guide for Choosing Suitable Kitchen Countertops in Kitsilano

Are you planning your next home improvement? Selecting suitable countertops in Kitsilano can be both difficult and daunting. Designed to last many years, countertops are main anchor points of any kitchen design. Therefore, a number of factors go into selecting a suitable material that perfectly suits your home as well as your needs. Besides choosing an aesthetically appealing material, it should also match the needs of your family, including your budgetary concerns. Below is a complete guide on the selection of countertops based on home improvement goals.

Before settling on your preferred kitchen countertops in Kitsilano, you should ask yourself some important questions. While you may dream of having exquisite marble installed in your kitchen, you might just discover that it does not fit in well with your specific needs. Therefore, you should combine the appropriate design features with the right purpose. Doing so ensures you get the right fit.

  1. How do you intend to use the countertops?

If you have small children or a big family that makes spills or messes inevitable, then perhaps you should consider installing a stain-resistant material. It should also be less porous and much easier to clean and maintain. The option of Quartz or any solid surface countertops in Kitsilano are options worth considering.

  1. What is the level of maintenance you don’t mind putting in to keep your countertops in good shape?

It is worth noting that every material type requires a certain level of maintenance to keep the installation looking great while maintaining its integrity. Porous materials including granite and marble require more frequent sealing while butcher block requires oiling and sanding on a yearly basis to remove nicks or scratches.

If you need a higher durability and lower maintenance material, soapstone or engineered quartz are fantastic options. Each of the aforementioned materials are more durable and require less maintenance. When it comes to choosing materials for kitchen countertops in Kitsilano, you should select one with the most maintenance needs. Note that countertops last long and provide great durability. Consequently, you should carry on with the maintenance requirements every year if you wish to get the most from the installations.

  1. Dimensions

As you plan your home improvement project, the length of the countertops, including the footprint of your kitchen is an integral component that helps determine the most suitable material. Soapstone, for instance, is cut in much smaller lengths. Therefore, longer countertops naturally require multiple soapstone pieces to fully cover the area.

In addition, more length translates to more cost. Instead of using expensive marble to cover the island and countertops, mix materials. By doing this, you effectively lower your costs. For instance, you could install marble over the counters and butcher block (less expensive) over the island. Doing so reduces your overall installation costs and creates a  unique design piece.

As you plan your next home improvement project, you should consider having countertops in Kitsilano that match your needs and the design of your kitchen. Whether you need child resistant, durable, or the luxurious marble countertops of your dreams, always remember to weigh the benefits and pitfalls of each option.

The Benefits of Closet Organizers and Flooring Materials Explored in Port Coquitlam

Most homeowners spend a considerable amount of time in the closet searching for something to wear, either for school or work, mainly because closets are areas of high-level disorganization. Thankfully, you can use a closet organizer to keep the closet space well-organized and highly effective.

Closet Organizer

Below are the important benefits of having a closet organizer. Continue reading to find out more.

  • Organization saves you time: With an organizer, accessing your clothes and other items will be easier and quicker. Everything will be in sight and within reach.
  • Clothes management is a great time saver: By making everything accessible and visible, you easily inventory your belongings for use. Note that handling fewer clothes will often translate to less expenditure.
  • Maximize Storage space: Tall ceilings, deep corners, unusual shapes, and angles all cause wastage of space. When it comes to storage space, you should look for ways to maximize the available space you have. Thankfully, you can achieve this using a closet organizer. If you wish to maximize any form of vertical storage, you might want to choose drawers, shelving, or hanging storage that incorporates tall floor-based panels (vertical).
  • Create a more welcoming space: While your closet is functional and beautiful, a custom closet organizer system allows you to choose your preferred hardware, style, colour, and closet storage features that match your unique preferences.

Port Coquitlam flooring

While you have an array of flooring options to choose from, you need to choose flooring material options that match your needs, purpose, and your budgetary concerns. Here are some of the most popular Port Coquitlam flooring options:

Vinyl Flooring

These are popular flooring options among homeowners and should ideally be installed in the bathroom and kitchen. Vinyl is preferred in these spaces for the simple fact that it provides a high level of water and stain resistance. Moreover, the material is versatile and provides great durability for its cost. Thanks to the numerous technological advances made over the years, the modern day vinyl floors are generally more economical and attractive.


Tile Flooring

Tile boasts a beautiful, attractive appearance, which makes the flooring material a fantastic option for virtually any room. Tile is available in a broad range of patterns, textures, and colours.

Hardwood Flooring

If you need to choose suitable Port Coquitlam flooring without sticking to a specific colour or shade, you can choose hardwood flooring, as it comes in a variety of natural patterns with no two floors looking exactly alike. This flooring material is strong, tough and even if something heavy is dropped accidentally on the floor, no scratches or dents are formed. If you wish to have a new look, you can simply sand and then refinish the hardwood flooring.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring mimics the look of a variety of hardwood materials. The process used in printing the flooring material allows for the reproduction of looks of different types of natural stone and ceramic floors. The wear protection layer incorporated in laminate flooring protects it from spills and stains, thus making the cleaning and maintenance process much easier.

Updating and Organizing Your Home in Vancouver

Are you interested in updating and organizing your home? These days, our homes are filled with the evidence of our busy lives. Our hobbies, our jobs, and what we do with our time come with physical accessories that can help us do what we need to do – but also take up room in the home!

It’s really important to do what you can to make your home as clean and organized as you can if you want it be easy to access everything and not be stuck looking for your keys. From the purely functional to pursuing sleek aesthetic design, check out our top advice when it comes to an updating and an organizing of the home by scrolling down and reading on to find out more!

Updating and Organizing Your Home

Organizing and updating your home is not for the faint of heart! When it comes to the things that need to be done to get this accomplished, only you know for sure what your home needs. Some home owners are really cautious when it comes to taking on changes for their house, but there’s no need to have trepidation!

While it can be said that organizing your home may be easier than updating it, it all depends on what you really enjoy doing. Perhaps you have no problem with getting a closet organizer and updating your closet so that some clothes and the majority of the clutter is instantly gone. Or perhaps you’re really confident in your ability to select and update everything from your wallpaper to the paint to countertops in Vancouver.

Unless you’re taking on a full scale renovation, there should be no reason why you can’t update or change up your home a bit! If you need to pop down to the shop to get some things to help you organize, that may be helpful. Just don’t buy too much more beyond a closet organizer or a box to store your things! You do not want to add clutter on top of everything else.

When it comes to updating or changing things to improve your home, look at what you have to work with and go from there. Perhaps the rest of your house is acceptable but when it comes to your kitchen, you have to nearly shield your eyes! A dated kitchen is one way to drag the rest of the home down with it, and you can take years off a dated kitchen by simply redoing the tile, flooring, and especially cabinets, as well as countertops in Vancouver.

Organizing and updating your home doesn’t have to be tough! When you consider what you need or would like to do, it all becomes pretty clear. As long as you can make good choices and like what you have selected stylistically, you will do okay in the end – and your home may be vastly improved because of it!

Thanks for reading, and good luck with updating and organizing your home! If you can stay true to your taste and pick classic, chic updates, we know that you will love your end result.

Useful Tips To Consider When Choosing Kitchen Cabinetry or Countertops in East Vancouver

Dated cabinetry or a scratched up countertop lowers the appeal of your kitchen in a significant way. Simple upgrades in the form of home remodeling can be applied to the kitchen space to create a fabulously appealing interior design. If you would like to make a statement through your kitchen remodeling project, you can do so by installing the appropriate kitchen cabinets and countertops. Thankfully, you can now find these components at affordable prices, thus enabling you to stay within your budget as you work on successfully completing your kitchen renovation project.

Kitchen Countertop Materials: What are the options available?

Replacing older countertops with some of the best modern options can be difficult, especially considering the numerous options available today. With the variety of kitchen countertop options, you can easily spruce up and liven your kitchen environment while boosting the overall value of your home. Below are the most popularly used materials:

  • Quartz
  • Soapstone
  • Stainless steel
  • Tile
  • Polished Concrete
  • Granite
  • Butcher Block
  • Porcelain
  • Marble
  • Lava
  • Laminate
  • Resin

If you prefer eco-friendly options for kitchen countertops in East Vancouver, then you can choose Palmwood, bamboo end-grain, recycled glass, recycled HDPE, recycled paper, or recycled wood.

Kitchen cabinets

A professionally done kitchen remodeling exercise allows you to enjoy a newly spruced up kitchen that you will love and be proud to show off to family and friends. Every section of your kitchen can be planned and fitted with custom kitchen cabinets that are designed to match your space and storage requirements. The standard cabinetry is supplied in fixed, standard sizes and incorporates standard features. Custom cabinets, on the other hand, are items built specifically for your kitchen, based on your style and function requirements.

While homeowners are presented with the options of custom and standard kitchen cabinets, most always confess that they particularly love and enjoy the custom cabinetry options, as these matches easier with the architectural style and design of their homes. However, this does not imply in any way that the standard cabinetry options are inferior or unappealing. Note that standard cabinetry can still look beautiful even without the high level of craftsmanship put in to the creation of custom cabinets.

Most customers select wood as the predominant material for their custom cabinets. Some of the most well-liked wood choices include white oak, red oak, cherry, birch, maple and hickory. Since these wood choices have different colour variations and grain prominence, you can easily choose your favourite one.

As you consider the most appropriate options for countertops and kitchen cabinets in East Vancouver, it is imperative that you work with industry experts and providers. Dealing with industry experts means you will benefit from the workmanship and skill of professionals who can help you complement your kitchen space with quality cabinets. Whether you need made-to-order cabinets or elegant countertops, you will happily discover that there are many options to choose from. Simply visit a showroom near you today to find out what is available for you based on your kitchen design, personal preference, and budget.

Why Should You Choose Tile Flooring in Port Coquitlam?

There are many flooring options to pick from, but which is the best for you? Hardwood, softwood, vinyl, linoleum, carpet, vinyl tile, or stone tile? This article explains why different tile types might be the best choice, and discusses the various benefits of tile flooring.

The first benefit of tile floors is that they are available in different types and several price options. The many tile types out there might be confusing at first, but talking to a home improvement expert will help you understand their qualities and know what’s best for your home. Tile floors are available in different colours, styles, materials and sizes. It is important that you choose the right tile type for different rooms in your home. This flooring type is also available in different prices, so choose a tile type you can afford.

Another benefit of tile floors is that they are very resilient. Porcelain and ceramic tiles last longer and are more resilient compared to other floor types. Most tile types will last more than a decade, provided they are well taken care of. Besides, maintaining a tile floor is very easy. The important thing is to have the tiles correctly installed. Unless you have knowledge and experience in this industry, it is advisable to hire a professional for the installation job. The expert will ensure that the tiles are properly installed so that they can last for years.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are very strong, and do not attract allergens, pollen, or dirt. Hard tiles are also very easy to clean, meaning you can keep your home away from dust by simply mopping the floor. This is very beneficial, especially for homes where some people suffer from allergies. You can easily keep your floor clean at all times, which assures every family member of good air quality.

Tile floors increase the value of your home. Not all new floors will increase the value of your home. In many cases, vinyl, laminate and carpet are considered standard floor choices. When you install a tile floor, you are adding a strong, durable and quality floor that will definitely increase the value of your home. Your home will sell faster and at a higher price since buyers understand the many benefits of tile floors.

Choosing an Installation Contractor

There are several benefits to having tile floors in your home. However, you have to ensure that the floor is properly installed to enjoy these benefits. There are many people out there claiming to offer quality tile floor installation, but not all are trustworthy. It is therefore wise to conduct some research and compare different professionals before making your choice.

Ensure that the expert you hire to install your tile flooring  in Port Coquitlam is experienced. Ask how long a potential contractor has been offering their services in your area and choose those with at least five years of experience. This industry is quite competitive and only the best contractors are able to last that long. It is also important that you hire a tile floor installation contractor with proper licensing and adequate insurance.

6 Updates to Your Home That You’ll Love in Kitsilano

When it comes to your home, are you thinking about doing something a little different? Whether you want to change up a room or do something else, there’s a lot that you can do to update your home and make it look better than ever.

They say that the only constant is change, but it’s funny how your home never seems to change for the better unless you do something to help it get there! Maybe you have some ideas about what you would like to do when it comes to your house or maybe you’re just looking for some design inspiration.

We’re here to help you out. Check out these six updates to your home that you’ll absolutely love.

These updates are not too difficult and are guaranteed to give you a look that you will really like once all is said and done. From hardwood flooring and tile flooring to new paint shades and more, read on and find out more about this topic!

6 Updates to Your Home That You’ll Love

  1. Change Your Old Floor to Hardwood Flooring in Kitsilano

Do you absolutely love hardwood flooring? You’re not alone. Join the hundreds of interior designers that incorporate this as their number one recommendation to all of their clients. It looks so expensive and worth it that you’ll fall in love. The only trouble is choosing a shade!

  1. Install Tile Flooring in Your Bathroom (and Change the Colour Scheme)

Tile flooring in a bathroom? It’s a commonly-done update for a reason. This style is practical and you will always be able to find a style and pattern that you like for your bathroom – guaranteed. Check online to see the latest trends in tiling for design inspiration.

  1. Change Up the Paint Colour in One of Your Rooms

Getting bored? Change up the paint colour of a room or more just like that! Go with something adorable like a soft pearl pink for a baby’s room or something stormy for the living room like a charcoal black. See paint shades online and see what you think.

  1. Replace a Painted Room with Elegant Wallpaper

Paint is all the rage, but a nice wallpaper can really take a room to new heights. Not to mention that it can increase the resale value of your home. There’s nothing wrong with spending a little to make a little more, particularly if the colour or pattern is right.

  1. Replace Your Cabinets

Believe it or not, there’s nothing that can freshen up the interior of your home quicker than replacing your cabinets! Cabinets that are older can really drag down the overall mood of a room and if they are ugly, then forget about it. You’re better off starting with the cabinets above all else if your cabinets are really bad. Start shopping now!

  1. Adding Interior Shutters to a Bathroom

Plantation shutters can be really cool in a bathroom. If you love the paint colour in your bathroom (or want an excuse to change it), consider adding chunky shutters to the bathroom interior. See how it really livens up the area and even gives it an exotic, relaxing feel. Add a tall green plant and you’re done!

Key aspects to consider before making a final choice for bathroom vanities in Maple Ridge

Are you sure tile flooring would be a better choice for your home? Whether you are looking to remodel your home or you simply want to make a few changes, this is definitely the right option. While carpet may feel comfortable on the feet, it is generally hard to keep clean and tends to wear down rather easily. Here are some key aspects to consider before making a final choice:

Carpet requires that you must vacuum the space fairly regularly to make sure that the space remains clean. However, there are various different ways to clean tile flooring. If there is a little bit of dirt and dust on the floor, it can be cleaned with a broom. You can use mop if the floor needs extra cleaning. This is a relatively simple task and it is essential to keep in mind that areas with higher traffic may have to be cleaned more frequently than others. In some cases, a vacuum can do the job for you. If you are looking to perform deep cleaning, you might have to scrub the grout.

It is generally true that tile flooring is susceptible to the build-up of dirt or dust. But, it does not hold the amount of pollutants and dander that a carpet does. People with asthma often struggle with carpets, as they fail to create a clean enough environment. You will always find something sticking around. On the contrary, tile flooring in Maple Ridge is easy to clean and maintain.

When you walk a few steps on carpet, you often start noticing wear marks. This is not the case with this type of flooring. It is highly durable and reliable.

With that said, you must find a reliable and reputable flooring contractor when planning to install this type of flooring. The following are some essential factors to consider when selecting a contractor for this job:

Experience is often the most crucial thing to keep in mind when looking for a flooring contractor. You do not want to entrust this responsibility to an inexperienced and amateur contractor who has just started their business. As this is a major investment, you should exercise proper care to ensure that the contractor you hire is a suitable match for your specific requirements. Never settle for a contractor that lacks experience.

With that said, when it comes to adding beauty to a bathroom, a bathroom vanity could be the best solution, as it is the heart of your bathroom. It is prudent to ensure that you do the best for your bathroom, as this is a place that reflects your personality.

When it comes to designing your bathroom, you must acknowledge the fact that not all components are created equal, so you must plan accordingly.

If you already have bathroom vanities and you need to replace them, you must get some professional support. In case you do not want to acquire any professional support, you may have to make arrangements on your own.

Thus, investing in bathroom vanities in Maple Ridge can add value to your bathroom and enhance the overall worth of the house.