Choosing a Reliable Home Renovations Contractor in Calgary

When choosing a contractor for some renovation work in your home, it is important to look for a reliable and experienced one. Research and asking the right questions are what you will need to make this crucial decision. Avoid the temptation to hire the first contractor you come across, as this could ruin the entire project. If it’s done right, home renovations in Calgary can help to improve the appearance of your home and its resale value. Read on to learn how to choose a reliable home renovations contractor and save yourself both money and time.

Where to Find Good Renovation Contractors

Before you start interviewing potential home renovations contractors, you need to find them first. Start by educating yourself on the proposed project so that you have an idea of the expertise that is going to be needed to complete the job. For instance, if your home renovation project involves lots of plumbing work, then you will need to hire a contractor with some plumbing experience. Similarly, if the kitchen is a major part of your home improvement project, you should look for a contractor with some knowledge of kitchen renovation in Calgary.

When looking for reliable home renovation contractors, try asking your friends and family for referrals. You can also ask for recommendations from your local home improvement store. An online search is also a good way to find reliable home renovation contractors. Call a few potential contractors to interview them and get quotes. Give each contractor the same information when requesting quotes so that your comparison is consistent.

How to Interview a Potential Contractor

When interviewing a potential home renovations contractor, it is important to ask if they are licensed. If the contractor has a license, get the number and call the relevant authorities to validate it. You can also contact your local Consumer Protection Agency to find out if there are any client complaints or disciplinary actions against a contractor you are about to hire for home renovations in Calgary.

Another thing to ask a potential home renovations contractor about is their experience in this industry. Find out how long the contractor has been in business. Anything above 5 years is an indication of a reliable, stable business. Ask if the contractor has completed a kitchen renovation in Calgary recently and ask to see before and after pictures of the project.

Ask a potential contractor to provide you with at least three references from jobs completed in the last year. Use the references to check the contractor’s reliability, work history, and ability to stay on schedule and on budget. If a contractor is hesitant to provide this information, move on to another one.

Finally, ask for a detailed estimate. Ideally, you want a quote or estimate that is itemized and includes materials, overhead, labour and a schedule. Ask for the estimate in writing so that you can easily compare it to quotes you get from other potential contractors. The cost of home renovations in Calgary varies from one contractor to another, so make sure to choose a reasonably priced one.