Foam Product Manufacturers in Calgary

Whether it is in our homes, vehicles, or workplaces, we all rely on foam products at some point. Foam is particularly used in a wide range of applications due to the fact that it is lightweight, flexible and comfortable. Fortunately, there are companies that are committed to manufacturing and supplying great quality foam products such as mattresses, cushions, upholstery, packaging, and acoustic foam products.

Foam Product Manufacturers in Calgary

If you are in Calgary, you will find companies that custom manufacture foam products for residential, recreational, industrial and institutional use. They design, engineer and manufacture products to different thicknesses, densities and specifications. Whether you are looking for the best packaging foam in Calgary, or a company that manufactures quality seal seam institutional mattresses in Calgary, these experts can help you out. They offer:

  1. Institutional Mattresses

These companies are renowned for manufacturing the best seal seam institutional mattresses in Calgary, which are suitable for summer camps, industrial camps, shelters, hospitals, university housing, and correctional facilities, among other applications. Their mattresses are specially designed to offer greater comfort, as they are made using the best pressure-reducing materials. Furthermore, their products are fire resistant, anti-microbial, bed bug-proof, fluid-proof, non-allergenic and very easy to clean.

  1. Recreational Foam

These companies also manufacture quality recreational and sport foam products. They make some of the best products for trampoline parks, parkour, gymnastic centres and different extreme sports facilities. Whether you need foam products for advanced gymnastics or for your children’s play area, they will offer you products that will enable you to protect the participants and minimize injuries. These are made from high-grade foam, which offers optimal durability and superior shock absorption.

  1. Upholstery Foam

When crafting furniture for your customers, you want to provide exceptional products. Luckily, these companies can also manufacture custom foam for your new furniture or for re-upholstery. They offer great quality foam, which is durable and is able to hold its shape. These experts can create foam that will meet your unique specifications. They offer turnkey solutions right from the design concept and fabrication, up to the project completion.

  1. Packaging Foam

When shipping products from one place to another, you want them to get to your customers in good shape, and that is why proper packaging is very important. To protect the goods from damage when they are in transit, these experts usually manufacture great quality packaging foam products that are designed to provide cushioning against impact or mishandling. If you are looking for the best packaging foam in Calgary, they can help you out.

  1. Foam Mattresses

If you are looking for a perfect mattress that will offer you optimal levels of comfort, these experts can also help with this. They can custom-make such a mattress to the size and density you want, in order to meet your needs. Their products are designed to evenly distribute the user’s body weight, hence reducing pressure points significantly. They have specialized in making quality latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses, as well as conventional foam mattresses.

Other foam products that are offered by these companies include acoustic foam, RV mattresses and cushions, as well as specialty foam products. Whether you are looking for the best quality packaging foam in Calgary, or a company that offers the best seal seam institutional mattresses in Calgary, these experts can help.