6 Warning Signs that Your Furnace Needs Repair

6 Warning Signs that Your Furnace Needs Repair

If you have ever woken up at night, your body is freezing during winter, and your windows are not open, your furnace may have broken down. This could be a terrible experience because you would have to endure many chilly nights as you wait for a furnace repair company to carry out the required service. But if you know how to detect the early signs of impending furnace repairs and you arrange for regular furnace cleaning, you won’t need to put up with the cold for several nights. Here are some warning signs you must never ignore.

1 Strange Smells
Most furnaces may have a strong smell of fuel, particularly when you turn them on for the first time after a year. This smell usually dissipates as the unit continues its operation. But if you perceive a strong smell around the unit, or an odour that comes up and refuses to go away, your furnace may need a checkup. These smells may be due to a gas leak, or excessive dust because of irregular furnace cleaning.

2 The Unit is Hard to Start
As a furnace gets older, you may find it difficult to start or to keep it running smoothly. If you need to restart it several times or it keeps tripping off periodically during the day, it is time to call for repairs. This situation is usually due to disconnected wiring or a faulty thermostat. Calling your furnace repair company for an inspection and replacing the damaged component will correct the situation.

3 A Yellow Pilot Light
Always pay close attention to the colour of the pilot light. When your furnace is working normally, the pilot light should be blue. But when the colour changes to yellow or another colour, it is most likely due to a problem with ventilation. The colour change may also be because of impeded movement of waste gases like carbon monoxide. This is a major issue that needs urgent attention to prevent serious health problems.

4 Insufficient Heat
A furnace is designed to heat up your home. When it is no longer providing the expected amount of heat, it’s time for furnace repair. If you have performed routine furnace cleaning and you have adjusted the thermostat without any improvement, your furnace needs to be serviced. The most common reason for insufficient heat is leaking ductwork or a faulty thermostat.

5 Poor Air Quality
The state of your furnace will have a direct effect on the air quality in your house. A system that is poorly maintained will allow dirt, dust, bacteria and different types of particles to move through the air in your home. This can cause various health problems like coughing, colds, allergies and asthma. Sometimes, duct cleaning may resolve the issue. But it is better to call for professional assistance if cleaning does not improve the air quality.

6 Abnormal Noises
Every furnace will make some operational noise, but very loud and prolonged noises show that there is a serious problem. Listen carefully to any noise you hear and carefully describe them to the technician who services your furnace. Any squealing noises or whistling indicates that the fan or belt may be faulty or the bearings are damaged.

If you notice any of these warning signs, you need to consult your HVAC contractor immediately. Don’t hesitate because using a furnace under such conditions could cause permanent damage or lead to more expensive repairs in the future.