Guide for Choosing Suitable Kitchen Countertops in Kitsilano

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Are you planning your next home improvement? Selecting suitable countertops in Kitsilano can be both difficult and daunting. Designed to last many years, countertops are main anchor points of any kitchen design. Therefore, a number of factors go into selecting a suitable material that perfectly suits your home as well as your needs. Besides choosing an aesthetically appealing material, it should also match the needs of your family, including your budgetary concerns. Below is a complete guide on the selection of countertops based on home improvement goals.

Before settling on your preferred kitchen countertops in Kitsilano, you should ask yourself some important questions. While you may dream of having exquisite marble installed in your kitchen, you might just discover that it does not fit in well with your specific needs. Therefore, you should combine the appropriate design features with the right purpose. Doing so ensures you get the right fit.

  1. How do you intend to use the countertops?

If you have small children or a big family that makes spills or messes inevitable, then perhaps you should consider installing a stain-resistant material. It should also be less porous and much easier to clean and maintain. The option of Quartz or any solid surface countertops in Kitsilano are options worth considering.

  1. What is the level of maintenance you don’t mind putting in to keep your countertops in good shape?

It is worth noting that every material type requires a certain level of maintenance to keep the installation looking great while maintaining its integrity. Porous materials including granite and marble require more frequent sealing while butcher block requires oiling and sanding on a yearly basis to remove nicks or scratches.

If you need a higher durability and lower maintenance material, soapstone or engineered quartz are fantastic options. Each of the aforementioned materials are more durable and require less maintenance. When it comes to choosing materials for kitchen countertops in Kitsilano, you should select one with the most maintenance needs. Note that countertops last long and provide great durability. Consequently, you should carry on with the maintenance requirements every year if you wish to get the most from the installations.

  1. Dimensions

As you plan your home improvement project, the length of the countertops, including the footprint of your kitchen is an integral component that helps determine the most suitable material. Soapstone, for instance, is cut in much smaller lengths. Therefore, longer countertops naturally require multiple soapstone pieces to fully cover the area.

In addition, more length translates to more cost. Instead of using expensive marble to cover the island and countertops, mix materials. By doing this, you effectively lower your costs. For instance, you could install marble over the counters and butcher block (less expensive) over the island. Doing so reduces your overall installation costs and creates a  unique design piece.

As you plan your next home improvement project, you should consider having countertops in Kitsilano that match your needs and the design of your kitchen. Whether you need child resistant, durable, or the luxurious marble countertops of your dreams, always remember to weigh the benefits and pitfalls of each option.

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