Buying Guide: Kitchen Cabinets & Bathroom Vanities in Maple Ridge

kitchen cabinets

Selecting new kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities in Maple Ridge can be a significant expense when undertaking a remodeling project. Thankfully, you can use them artistically to set a unique design style for your kitchen and bathroom and enjoy them for many years. Below is a helpful buying guide that essentially makes it easier for you to choose suitable cabinets and vanities.

Kitchen Cabinets: Pick Your Preferred Style

You have the option of choosing between framed and frameless. The framed cabinets are made of a face frame and box to which drawers and doors attach. The framed cabinets (European-style), on the other hand, do not have a face frame while the drawers and doors are directly attached to the box. These cabinets generally have a more contemporary look and provide easier interior access. Even so, the lack of the face frame could compromise rigidity. To improve the structure, manufacturers use a thicker box. If you prefer the European appearance and desire the framed cabinets, you might want to consider the option of a full overlay door, which covers most or all of the cabinet face frame.

Kitchen Cabinets: Focus On the Features of the Cabinets

While features can increase the cost by as much as 20%, useful features such as a built-in charging docks and pull-out trashcans will always come in handy. A lift type of kitchen cabinet that incorporates a spring-loaded shelf, which is capable of swinging up and out will offer you easier access to the food processor or mixer.

Inspect the Construction of the Kitchen Cabinets

A well-built kitchen cabinet should ideally have solid wooden drawers with dovetail joinery. You should avoid the stapled particleboard. In addition, you should opt for full extension drawer guides, as opposed to an integrated rail system.

 Bathroom Vanities in Maple Ridge

Bathroom vanities are available in two popular styles, including the built-in and freestanding vanities. The latter is superb for smaller bathroom spaces and you have a variety of styles to choose from. The built-in bathroom vanities, on the other hand, work well with larger spaces, typically offering homeowners more storage and countertop space.

Explore the Numerous Options of Bathroom Vanities in Maple Ridge

The vanity is an important component, as it helps to define your space. If you have a more traditional home, you may opt for a modern look. Consider these options prior to making a purchase decision.


Read the description of the bathroom vanities in Maple Ridge. Check out the ones you’re interested in buying. Some already incorporate the drawer and door hardware.

Colour & Finish

Vanities can be constructed using metal, wood, or glass and are typically presented in black, white, espresso or mid-tone brown finishes. A wooden cabinet with your preferred colour choice would work perfectly for you if you feel more adventurous.


Are you purchasing a vanity for a powder room or the master bathroom? Do you need a vanity for your kids’ bathroom or a guest room? It is important that you critically think about your specific needs. If the bathroom is used on a daily basis, then you will definitely require ample space.

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